SEVIS Information

Important Immigration Info for International Students

This message comes specially from ISA to inform all the students about the traveling requirements and updates. If you have any questions please consult international office. Indian Students Association is not responsible for any of the statements made or documents asked for.

Travel Advisory

- If you travel outside the U.S., you need the following documents to return to the U.S. in student or exchange visitor status: SEVIS I-20 or DS-2019 with travel endorsement within a year, Passport, valid F-1 or J-1 visa stamp, Financial guarantee, unofficial transcript

Note: Immigration inspectors at the port of entry may not ask to see the last two documents but we recommend that you carry them with you when you travel abroad.

- If you plan to travel to a country other than your own, you should contact the Consulate of that country to find out if you need a visa. You can  access it through the State Government website and follow the link Foreign Consulates in the U.S.

- If you are planning to renew your expired student visa you must apply early and expect delays due to security clearance being implemented by the Department of Homeland Security. Consult individual embassy websites for periodic updates on country-specific visa processing. Lists of US Embassies abroad can be accessed through this website

- When traveling within the U.S outside the local area, you may be asked by an officer of the Border Patrol to show your immigration documents. Be sure you have your documents with you; keep them in a safe place so as not to misplace them or have them stolen from your car.

Automatic revalidation – After traveling to Mexico or Canada, students may re-enter the US with an expired visa if you meet the following conditions: visit is no more than 30 days, purpose of visit is for pleasure only, you are NOT a citizen of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Norht Korea and Cuba. Note that if your purpose in visiting Mexico and Canada is to renew visa and it is denied, you will not be allowed to re-enter the US

Important Reminders

- The processing time at the International Office for an I-20/DS-2019 signature, letter of certification or other routine document is 3-5 full working days. Other documents may require more time. PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

- Most University offices, including the International Office, are closed on weekend and on break during the winter vacation. No immigration documents will be processed during that time, and students are advised to make travel or work permit arrangements before the end of the Fall semester.

- Maintaining F-1/J-1 Status

a. All Returning Students who used NEW I-20/DS2019 to re-enter the US before the start of the semester must report to the International Office for SEVIS Registration. Must bring photocopies of immigration documents.

b. Students who have completed one-degree program and intend to enter another degree program at UNO must report to the International Office for I-20 processing within the first two weeks of the next school term.


i. Only 3-credit hrs online/distance learning class may be applied towards full-time requirement per semester.

ii. Work no more than 20 hours per week during the academic semesters and up to 40 hours per week during vacation period in Winter and Spring. Full-time employment in Summer is allowed only for students who intend to register for the consequent academic term. Do not work beyond your completion date!

iii. F-1 students who wish to apply for employment authorization under the Optional Practical Training program must do so up to 90 days before completion to get the full 12-month OPT benefit. No OPT application will be processed 2 weeks before completion date. Please plan accordingly.

iv. Pay close attention to program limit on your I-20 or DS-2019; ask for extension before your immigration document expires. Keep all copies of the I-20/DS-2019 indefinitely.

v. Keep your passport valid for at least six months into the future (unless you are a Canadian and exempt from passport requirements)

Disclaimer: ISA is not responsible for any statements made or documents asked in this page. We would not entertain any calls or emails related to this page. This page is intended only for student information and we appreciate your understanding.

Note : All information present here is collected through internet , previous personal experiences, some other universities ISA sites and many different other forums/blogs. This information is general experiences of an individual, you might have to take some other actions/options. Its just to help or guide you; don’t totally rely on this.